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McKenzie Friend


If you decide to deal with a family law court case yourself, you are a litigant person and have the right to use a McKenzie Friend.
A McKenzie Friend can give you ‘reasonable assistance’ in preparing for and attending court and originates from a 1970 court case (McKenzie v McKenzie).
As your McKenzie Friend I can:

  • Advise you on the legal process – the likely outcome of court proceedings, your options and what is fair in terms of family law.
  • Help you to prepare your case to your best advantage.
  • Attend court with you and help you with your case; negotiating and advising you before the judge.
  • Help you to write letters and complete court documents such as witness statements though I cannot sign letters or court documents on your behalf.
  • In some circumstances the court may give me permission to speak for you.

You remain in control of your case every step of the way.
Unlike some McKenzie Friends, I can provide you with the best quality assistance:

  • I am legally qualified.
  • I am a non-practising solicitor.
  • I have over 20 years experience of working in the family law field.

With the withdrawal of legal aid and the rising cost of traditional solicitors, more and more people are looking to use a McKenzie Friend.

For a consultation contact me on 07808 572157 or

“After several hearings when I had paid large sums of money for a barrister I decided to contact Julie. Her expertise and calm manner was just what I needed! Representing myself with Julie’s support was so much better. I can’t thank Julie enough for her help. Her knowledge and expertise was so empowering. An amazing service by a truly talented lady.” JG

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