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It’s important to plan how to separate in the most painless way possible. If you have children, this means minimising the negative impact this will have on them.

Investing in good advice during the early stages can save a lot of pain later. I can provide objective guidance and help you to see your way through the emotional maze.

When you feel ready to act, I will assist you to complete all the required divorce paperwork accurately to ensure it goes through smoothly and without unnecessary delay.

Defended divorces are rare these days. If you do find yourself in this situation, I can accompany you to any court hearings.

If divorce is not the right option for you at present, I can help you to agree the terms of a separation and formalise those terms in a separation agreement.

I am also part of Surrey Divorce Solutions, who are a team of experts working and guiding couples on divorce and separation.

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divorceObjective guidance at an early stage
divorceAccurate completion of all paperwork
divorceAgreeing terms of separation
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