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Child Arrangements


The hardest aspect of splitting up is deciding on arrangements for the children. Working out what’s best for them, which parent they live with and how they divide their time between each of you.

At the moment you decide you want to talk to the children, I can be there for you:

  • I can assist you with that difficult conversation and ensure you discuss it in a comfortable and positive way.
  • I can help you to negotiate arrangements for the children and reach agreement on a sensible and workable routine for all.
  • I can support and guide you through court proceedings should you not agree.

Maintaining relationships

Sometimes on-going arrangements may have broken down or not be working as well as anticipated. In these situations I can assist you to get back on track.

Grandparents can be affected by divorce too. If you find yourself having difficulty seeing and maintaining a relationship with your grandchildren, I can help you to resolve this.

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Agreeing workable arrangements for all
Supporting you through court proceedings
Getting arrangements back on track
Resolving relationships with grandchildren
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